Messages from the Wild

A series of brief interviews with animals, offering them a chance to give us a perspective on their environment.

#004 The Adder

With many thanks to David Dewsbury,

Wildlife Enthusiast and Researcher, Forest of Dean


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Illustrations by Annabazyl


#003 The Buzzard

With many thanks to Ian McGuire,

Wildlife Educator and Owl Specialist


Coming up next...The Adder


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Illustrations by Annabazyl


#002 The Flea

With many thanks to Dr Amoret Whitaker,

Senior Lecturer (University of Winchester)

Scientific Associate (Natural History Museum, London)


Coming up next...The Buzzard




Illustrations by Annabazyl

The Earthworm leads the way in a series of interviews with small animals about their life and the environment they live in. 

One short interview with a different animal will be published each day for the next 24 days.

Please let me know what you think of them and if there are any animals you would particularly like to hear from in the future. Thank you. 

With many thanks to Nicky Scott, aka Dr Compost,

Food Waste Educator, Community Compost Expert

Dr Compost | Growing Devon Schools | Proper Job

"I may have trained as an agronomist but I learned something new about earthworms today - listen in!" John Meadley 

Coming up next...The Flea 

Illustrations by Annabazyl


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